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About Us

The sourcing of raw materials has become increasingly global, bringing new and exciting opportunities to the food industry. Consumers and stakeholders increasingly want to know where their food is coming from and provenance is essential to the whole food supply chain. Our responsible sourcing ensures that integrity and sustainability are maintained throughout our business.

With our extensive experience of this area, we are able to supply Air Dried, Freeze Dried and Vacuum Dried ingredients, suitable for all applications and price levels.

Bensons provide a foundation for compliance for all food ingredients that we source. We only work with suppliers that meet the highest international standards so that our customers can be assured of the highest quality standards.

Our philosophy has always been based on working in partnership with our customers and suppliers. We believe in establishing long term partnerships and we have worked closely with many customers and suppliers over the years that have resulted in enduring friendships to this day. It is these lasting partnerships that enable us to source and supply ingredients of the highest quality, that are competitively priced.

'Made For You'

At Bensons we are continually extending our range to enable us to fulfil our customer’s needs. Whether your ingredient requirement is for sweet or savoury, powdered or liquid, granules or paste, we offer an unrivalled selection to fulfil your exact needs. Our ingredients range outlined on our Product Pages provides just an indication of the scope of what we can offer.

If you are sourcing an ingredient not listed on our product range or perhaps a more obscure ingredient type, we offer a “Made For You” bespoke ingredient service. Bensons have the expertise to develop bespoke ingredient solutions, based on your exact needs and backed by our product development team and production experience.

Meeting Your Challenges

At Bensons, we understand the challenges and needs of our customers. We deliver consistently high quality products, with quality and innovation being the very cornerstones of our business. We offer a flexible service and pride ourselves on our dedication to detail and customer service.