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Our Products

Bensons understand your need to have high quality ingredients delivered on time and at a competitive price. Our extensive and diverse range of ingredients is continuously updated and the products listed provide an indication of what we can supply.

For other ingredients that you are looking to source or for our bespoke “Made For You” ingredient service, please contact us directly to discuss your exact needs with us.

Dehydrated Vegetables

With our extensive range of expertise, we offer Air Dried, Freeze Dried and Vacuum Dried vegetables in both powder and cut forms, suitable for all applications and price levels.

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Dehydrated Fruit Powders & Granules

Bensons have been involved with fruit-based ingredients for many years and now have a portfolio of powders, granules, and larger sizes, manufactured using a range of techniques.

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Mushrooms & Mushroom Based Ingredients

Fungi Are well known for their taste enhancing properties and as providers of Umami flavours.

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Egg Powders

We have a full selection of egg powders, all of which are produced in the EU. We offer a choice of powders and specifications, including Free Range, Barn, and Caged eggs, depending on your requirements. We also have several speciality powders based on egg albumen and egg yolk for specific uses, such as confectionery and mayonnaise.

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Dairy Powders

Our extensive selection of carefully spray dried yoghurt powders provides a suitable flavour for all tastes, sweet, sour, aromatic or mild, ‘skinny’ or creamy, as well as organic. Thanks to the in-house expertise of our suppliers, we can also offer tailor made recipes to suit your particular requirements.

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Fish & Crustaceans

Our seafood collection is sourced from the Norwegian West Coast, which allows easy access to high quality, fresh and sustainable raw materials from the clean waters of the North East Atlantic Ocean.

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Natural Extracts And Concentrates

Real Aromi specialize in creating natural extracts and concentrates from herbs, spices, and plants. Over the years, the wide range of natural extracts, obtained by both traditional and modern technology, has been enhanced by the addition of natural flavours and aromatic blends to satisfy the requirements of an increasingly demanding food industry.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Range

Bensons have addressed the growing need for Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-based ingredients by increasing the range of materials we now offer to manufacturers meeting this market.

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Thousands of years ago Plutarch and Juvenal suggested that truffles were created by flashes of lightning. Of course, this isn’t true, but all the way up until the 18th century, the origins of this prized food were unclear, adding to their mystery in the popular imagination.

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Organic Selection

Most of our suppliers now offer an organic range. Consumption of organic food is growing at an impressive rate and food manufacturers are keeping up with this trend.

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