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Our Products

Bensons understand your need to have high quality ingredients delivered on time and at a competitive price. Our extensive and diverse range of ingredients is continuously updated and the products listed provide an indication of what we can supply.

For other ingredients that you are looking to source or for our bespoke “Made For You” ingredient service, please contact us directly to discuss your exact needs with us.

Dehydrated Meat & Poultry

Henningsen Nederland have specialised in producing dehydrated meat and poultry ingredients since the early 1990s. The facility at Waalwijk in the Netherlands is fully approved by the EU as well as by the Dutch Veterinarian authorities and comprises both a spray drying system, ideal for the production of powder and an air-drying system, for making both granules, powders and smaller production runs.

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Fish & Crustaceans

Our seafood collection is sourced from the Norwegian West Coast, which allows easy access to high quality, fresh and sustainable raw materials from the clean waters of the North East Atlantic Ocean. Most of our seafood ingredients are MSC certified. Please click below for a full list, which gives more detail of what we can supply, and which ingredients are certified.

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Dehydrated Vegetables

We work with a small number of specialist dehydration companies in Germany, France, India, and the Far East to be able to offer a full range of dried vegetables, including onion and garlic.

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Fungi are well known providers of umami flavours and are one of our specialities. Our mushrooms are grown in Europe and processed in Germany.

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Dehydrated Fruit

There are several drying methods employed to dehydrate fruit, both in powder and pieces. We have relationships with several manufacturers, both in Europe and in Asia, which enables us to offer a full range.

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Egg Powders

Our suppliers Ovoprot, based in Austria manufacture a full range of egg powders. Some production is based in Argentina, which has the advantage of being in the Southern Hemisphere so when egg production is slowing down in Europe, Argentina is warming up and egg production is growing.

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Dairy Powders

From fresh yoghurt to creamy butter, dairy products are enjoyed by all and serve as the basis of many well-known dishes. Our selection of dairy specialties offers both taste and because they are in powder form, the convenience of a long shelf life and ambient storage. We offer the perfect ingredient for a variety of sweet and savoury products, desserts, and sauces as well as seasonings for snack products. All our dairy powders are certified Halal and Kosher.

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Speciality Powders & Seasonings

We are happy to be associated with one of the leading seasoning blenders in the UK. This gives us the possibility to offer a range of blends, tailored to the customer’s requirements.

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Nutural Extracts And Concentrates

Our Italian supplier of natural extracts combines traditional values with the most modern techniques for extracting the aromatic ingredients of herbs, plants, and spices.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Range

The current interest in plant based diets is clearly a development that we, as ingredient suppliers, need to take seriously, so we have now highlighted some of the ingredients that we offer that are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

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Organic Selection

We are pleased to offer an extensive selection of ingredients from European suppliers, all of whom are certified to BRC or FSSC 22000.  These are usually available from stock, and are available in a variety of cut sizes, granules, and powder. 

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Bespoke Products

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