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Dairy Powders

Our extensive selection of carefully spray dried yoghurt powders provides a suitable flavour for all tastes, sweet, sour, aromatic or mild, ‘skinny’ or creamy, as well as organic. Thanks to the in-house expertise of our suppliers, we can also offer tailor made recipes to suit your particular requirements.

Lactose free is a growing trend and with our functional dairy ingredients, new products can be created that meet the needs of particular diets without the loss of flavour. Cream and cheese powders can be added to improve both taste and mouthfeel. Available in several fat levels, these ingredients can be added to sauces, puddings, cheesecakes, or snack food seasonings. We are now also able to offer specialities such as Kefir and Skyr powders. Originally from Iceland, Skyr is low in fat, but high in protein, providing an ideal dairy ingredient that meets today’s dietary goals.

Organic versions of these ingredients are also available.


Yoghurt Powders

Classic Yoghurt powder (pH 4.3–5.9)

Whole Milk Yoghurt powder

Instant Yoghurt powder

Greek Style Yoghurt powder

Organic Yoghurt powder A 4.3

Cheese Powders

Curd powder

Cream Cheese powder

Lactose Free

Yoghurt powder

Quark powder

Skim Milk powder

Cream Powders

Cream powder (72% fat)

Butter powder (sweet)


Italian Mascarpone powder

Crème Fraiche powder

Buttermilk powder

Kefir powder

Skyr powder