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Egg Powders

Our suppliers Ovoprot, based in Austria manufacture a full range of egg powders. Whole egg, egg yolk and egg albumen are all available. Whole egg is the most widely used ingredient, used in many bakeries, particularly in sponge cakes. Egg yolk is mainly used in sauces and custards, whilst egg albumen is mainly used for its whipping properties and is usually found in meringues and marshmallows. Egg albumen is also often used in sports supplements and other special diets because of its high level of protein.

Ovoprot, based in Austria are our suppliers of egg powders. We have a full range, as listed below.

Some production is based in Argentina, which has the advantage of being in the Southern Hemisphere so when egg production is slowing down in Europe during the Autumn months, Argentina is warming up and egg production is increasing. It is also the case that Argentina was unaffected by the Bird Flu epidemic that the northern hemisphere suffered in 2018-19.

Organic egg powders are also available and are produced in the EU.

In addition to our standard egg powders, we have specifications available for special uses. Egg yolk is heat sensitive, so we have a grade developed for use in products such as sauces that will be retorted or given other heat treatments.

We also have high whip albumen, designed specifically for meringues and low whip albumen, where the binding properties of egg protein are the main requirement. We also supply crystal egg albumen, which is the traditional ingredient in mallows and teacakes.

Our current selection includes:

Whole Egg Powder

Egg Yolk Powder

Useful for confectionery and other applications where high whipping properties are desired.

Egg Yolk Powder

HS, specially formulated for products such as mayonnaise.

Egg Albumen – Standard

Egg Albumen – High Whip

Egg Albumen – High Gel

Egg Albumen – Crystal


All of the above can be supplied from Barn eggs or Free-Range eggs, with appropriate certification.