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Fungi are well known providers of umami flavours and are one of our specialities. Our mushrooms are grown in Europe and processed in Germany. We have many types of mushroom available including White Mushroom (Champignon), Boletus Edulis (Porcini), Shiitake and Morels. These have all been cleaned and sorted at a state-of-the-art facility in Germany, so they can be used out of the box. Some varieties are also available with organic certification.

We also work with SCELTA in the Netherlands, one of the largest mushroom processing companies in Europe. SCELTA produce Mushroom Extract, a liquid derived from the canning of mushrooms. The extract is brown in colour, free flowing and has a strong mushroom flavour. It is ideal for use in sauces and stocks. The extract is also available as a spray dried powder which is a more convenient way to incorporate the mushroom flavour in dry mixes, such as soups. SCELTA has also developed their ‘Taste Accelerator’ which is available as powder and liquid. The ingredient is derived from mushroom but further processed so that the mushroom flavour is removed. It is intended as an umami flavour booster or salt replacer and can be used in many applications. A special version has been developed for use in bakeries.