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Thousands of years ago Plutarch and Juvenal suggested that truffles were created by flashes of lightning. Of course, this isn’t true, but all the way up until the 18th century, the origins of this prized food were unclear, adding to their mystery in the popular imagination.

Because they grow underground, truffles are hunted by pigs and dogs whose sense of smell helps them to find the precious fungus.

Nowadays most varieties can be cultivated, but their delicious taste, relative rarity, short shelf life and secretive growing habits ensure they’re one of the most coveted ingredients in the world.

Our truffles are sourced mainly from Eastern Europe and Italy, which are the main growing areas. Cleaning and sorting take place in Petervasara, Northern Hungary, from where finished goods are despatched to customers all over Europe.

We are now able to supply Truffles in several convenient forms.



Freeze Dried Black Summer Truffle

  • Truffle Flakes
  • Truffle Pieces 2-4mm and
  • Truffle Powder
  • Truffle Dust / Earth

Freeze-drying is a gentle preservation method that maintains the elegant texture of the truffle. Slices of truffle remain intact without twisting and can absorb water quickly when needed.

Truffle Dust is a simple product that adds a subtle truffle flavour to any dish, while Truffle Earth is a larger and heavier format that ensures better visibility in the dish. Truffle Earth is crunchy and full of flavour, making it ideal for enhancing the taste of egg dishes, meat, or pasta.

Freeze Dried Truffles

Air Dried Black Summer Truffle

  • Truffle Flakes
  • Pieces 2-4 mm
  • Truffle Powder

Air-drying involves placing the truffles in a well-ventilated area with low humidity. The truffles are typically spread out on trays or racks to allow air circulation around them.

Over time, the moisture in the truffles evaporates, resulting in a reduction in moisture content and a firmer texture. This can make air-dried truffles particularly suitable for products where a harder texture is preferred, such as truffle flakes or truffle powder.

Air Dried Truffles

Truffle oil

Created from high quality Spanish arbequina olives, this is the most basic truffle ingredient: it is easy to make truffle butter, an egg dish, truffle breakfast, lunch, and dinner with it. You can infuse it into mayonnaise, sauces, or sour cream, according to your individual taste and preferences.

This product comes in a 1 litre tin can, that allows safe transport, and it is easy to recycle. It can be stored at room temperature for 2 years. It contains additional truffle aroma.

Truffle oil

Truffle aroma

Our TRUFO Aroma is an excellent value proposition for any manufacturer, be it in the meat, dairy or bakery industry.

While it is a synthetic aroma, it lacks the metallic aftertaste that is so common with these types of flavourings. We recommend this aroma for users who need to meet a stronger aroma presence, while wanting to keep production costs to a minimum.