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Our Exciting Trufo Truffle Range

Often referred to as “the diamonds of the Kitchen” the rich, earthy, signature flavour and aroma of truffles adds depth to food that few products can rival.

F R Benson are delighted to introduce our range of Trufo Truffles, using truffles sourced from Eastern Europe and Italy. Available in several convenient forms, our exciting Truffle Range provides manufacturers with enormous potential to develop innovative, valued-added products, totally unique to the market.

The gentle preservation method used on our Freeze Dried Black Summer Truffles maintains the elegant texture of the truffle. Available in a number of formats including flakes, pieces, powder and dust/earth, with usage depending on the flavour intensity required. Our Air Dried Black Summer Truffles are also available in a number of formats and have a reduced moisture content. This firmer texture is best suited to product specifications requiring a harder texture.


Our Truffle Oil is our basic truffle ingredient. Available in 1 litre cans, it is highly suitable for infusion into products like mayonnaise and sauces or adding to egg or butter products.

Where a stronger aroma presence is required, our Truffle Aroma is an ideal solution and is suitable for meat, dairy or bakery products. Truffle Aroma has the added benefit of providing manufacturers with a value proposition, for when production costs are a key consideration.

For more information on our Trufo Truffle range, please view the products section on our website.