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Teff Seed

Teff is one of the smallest grains in the world, about the same size as poppy seed. We offer two types that have proved to be particularly well adapted to the climate and soil conditions in Spain. One is white in colour and the other brown. The nutritional characteristics are very similar and the choice of one or the other depends on the application and consumer preference.
After being harvested, our teff is cleaned, and undergoes a heat treatment and homogenization to guarantee our customers a standardized clean grain. This is mainly used for milling but also as an ingredient in other industrial processes or to be filled into retail packs.
All our Teff ingredients are available in organic form as well as conventional.

Applications: Decoration for bread and crackers, Plant based milks, Decoration for rice - or other cereal cakes.

Teff Flour - Standard

The most common use of teff in food is as flour. There are many industrial and artisan processes, so we have developed different types of flour to satisfy the needs of our customers. Standard, Extra Fine and Soluble.

The standard flour is the one most used. We offer white and brown flour. If desired, we can also produce flour from a mix of the two types. Products can be made either with teff alone, or in combination with other flours, such as spelt or buckwheat.

If part of the flour is replaced with teff, a product with much higher nutritional values can be obtained, especially in the case of gluten free products.

Applications: Bread and pastry products, Biscuits and cookies, Mueslis, granolas and other breakfast products, Pancakes, Coatings, Pasta, Extruded Snacks.

Teff Flour - Extra Fine

Extra fine flour is similar to the standard flour and is produced for clients that need a finer powder. The milling process is more complex.

Applications: Blends for bakery and fine pastry, Speciality biscuits, Sauces and Soups.

Mexican Naturals – Sweeteners, Probiotics And Functional Ingredients

Mexico is the home of agave, well known as a vegan sweetener. We started with agave and now have both standard and blue agave syrups, as well as powders. Tapioca syrup and blends of agave and tapioca have now been added to the range, as have hibiscus syrup and honey, also available as a powder.

We also offer prebiotics, inulin made from agave and from chicory, both in powder form.

Coconut is the latest raw material of interest. We supply coconut syrup and now coconut aminos, a new ingredient made from coconut intended as a soy and gluten free, soy sauce replacement.

Teff Flour - Soluble

Our soluble flour is produced for customers that need a flour that dissolves better than the standard flour.

We offer white and brown flour as well as from a mix of the two types on customer request. Products can be made either with teff alone, or in combination with other ingredients, such as other flours or other powdered ingredients, such as cocoa, proteins, or spices.

Applications: Pancakes, Sauces, Coatings, Smoothies, Specialty drinks.

Injera Flour

This type of flour is produced specially to make ‘Injera’. Extra attention is given to the characteristics of the grain and how it is processed.

Injera is a flat bread, similar to a pancake, the basis of traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. Successful preparation of the Injera dough needs about three days fermentation, which gives it a very characteristic acid taste.

We have both white and brown Injera flour, as well as flour from a mix of the two types.

Instant Teff Flour

Our instant flour has similar characteristics to the standard flour but can be eaten raw. The milling process is more complex and consists of several pasteurization steps. In addition, it is also very soluble.

Applications: Cold sauces and creams, Fruit smoothies, Sports and diet shakes, Instant puddings, Instant porridge, Chocolate spreads.

Teff Flakes

Teff flakes are produced by heat treating, rolling and drying a blend of brown and white teff. The result is a small flake with a light aroma of roasted nuts.

Our flakes have all the same properties as the raw teff grain, with the added benefit of a high water-absorption capacity - and they are ready to use.

Applications: Milk or yoghurt, Mueslis and granolas, Puddings, Bread, Cookies and Cereal bars. Puddings. Substitution of breadcrumbs in meat and fish products to convert into gluten free. Teff Flakes are excellent in vegan and vegetarian meat replacers.

Teff Pops

Teff Pops are extruded from a mix of Teff, Rice and Buckwheat flours. They are about the size of a small bean and have a pleasant flavour and crispy texture. Variations in the blend and size can be provided for customers with particular requirements.

Applications: Breakfast cereals, Cereal Bars, Snacks.